About Florida Express
Florida Express Environmental (FEE) is a local family owned environmental services company with more than thirty years in the solid waste industry. The majority owners, Michael and John Paglia grew up in the environmental services business, and bring a wealth of ‘hands on” industry knowledge and a dedicated customer focus to the company.

Loyalty and dedication to customer service are the reasons that Florida Express Environmental is in business today. John and Michael sold an earlier business, United Sanitation, with the idea of pursuing other areas of interest. Although they had sold the business, the excellent relationships that had been built with their customers remained. When the non-compete agreement that was part of the sale expired, they were encouraged by their former customers to get back into the environmental services business. The intangibles that John and Michael provided, dedication to the customer, loyalty, and excellent service seemed to be missing in the local industry. Florida Express Environmental was born!

John and Michael started over again in 2001 with one truck and a few happy customers. Many years and happy customers later Florida Express Environmental owns and operates two C&D Landfills, a Sandmine and the largest fleet of environmental service trucks in Marion County.

The things that make Florida Express Environmental a success today are the same things that led to John and Michael’s success in the past. Our Mission Statement "Customer Service Dedicated, Environmentally Responsible" defines how we do business.

Florida Express Environmental owners and employees care about this community because we live here too. We are actively committed to community service and assist many local charitable organizations with donations of our services. We are also good stewards of our environment. Florida Express Environmental is strongly committed to the safe and responsible management of construction, solid and liquid waste while providing the highest standards of customer service in the industry. We constantly strive to make sure that we comply with all regulatory compliance issues while protecting the health and natural resources of our customers, employees and the community.

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